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Dec.29, 2014
Shokaku went Comic market 87 with Zuikaku and Hakugo. flash photos -> Shokaku Shokaku & Zuikaku
Dec.26, 2014
Opened 2014/11/15 Neru Haku birthday party report page
Dec.23, 2014
Opened 2014/11/2 Mt. Tsukuba photo session report page
Dec.20, 2014
Chubu Centrair International Airport cosplay event flash report -> Rei and Tsukasa at departure lobby illumination of Disney princess Hiiragi sisters appeared in later half.
Dec.12, 2014
opened Tachikawa Ani Can report page.
Dec.6, 2014
opened Hakone Cosplay Festa report page.
Dec.1, 2014
started xmas version.
Nov.21, 2014
Cosplay event at Nagoya Civic Assembly Hall & Tsurumai park flash photos -> crimson foliage in the hall
Nov.21, 2014
Neru & Haku birthday party flash photos -> Haku, Neru and Meiko Haku in swimwear drunken Haku
Nov.14, 2014
Opened Anitama-Sai festival report page.
Nov.8, 2014
Opened Cosplay GIG Culture Park report page.
Nov.3, 2014
Climbing Mt.Tsukuba flash report -> Nasuka and Rina was given a shinto invocation at Tsukubasan shrine, went to Nyotai summit by cable car, watched cloud sea, traversed to Nantai summit and went down the mountain by ropeway
Nov.1, 2014
Opened Ashinoko lake photo session report page.
Oct.26, 2014
Tachikawa Ani Can flash report -> Monorail above the event site Rei wanted to eat octopus dumpling. Kagami and Tsukasa were walking around the site. grooving in Karaoke room
Oct.18, 2014
Rei and Asuka went to Hakone. flash photos -> Rei and Asuka in Yukata Tamadare shrine Tamadare fall HAKONE TOZAN RAILWAY
Oct.12, 2014
Anitama festival flash report -> Hiiragi sisters met Kagamin at last! "Yama no musume" characters and wrapping bus Hiiragi sisters in cheer girl costume Konata ita-sha
Oct.7, 2014
Opened Hajisai festival report page.
Oct.2, 2014
Opened GOLF R night photo session report page.
Sep.27, 2014
Opened Comic market 86 report page.
Sep.21, 2014
Opened Strolling around Makabe town report page.
Sep.15, 2014
Kooriyama culture park cosplay event flash report -> Little train Merry go round Cylcle monorail Ferris wheel
Sep.11, 2014
Opened 16th anniversary page for a limited time
Sep.7, 2014
Hajisai festivalflash report -> Jeep decorated by charactors follows Sengan portable shrine Sengan portable shrine was carried by many people Hiiragi sisters were still golden girls collaboration with "Le Fruit de la Grisaia"
Sep.4, 2014
Opened Cosplay event in Ayumi Festival report page
Aug.24, 2014
Flash report of visiting Makabe town. There were about 100 historic structures in the town and Rei Ayanami visited there in a summer day. flash photos -> Hashimono Inn/Hashimoto cafe gallery tea room Asobu Murai brewery Iseya Inn
Aug.19, 2014
Flash report of Ayumi festival in Ibaraki pref -> Seeing Kasumigaura lake from Ayumizaki park welcome gate of the festival with staffs of shooting game stand Rei made bubbles
Aug.12, 2014
Added movies of Yokohama Kawaii Parade and Rozen Maiden Limousine to movie page
Aug.6, 2014
Added Rei Ayanami photos to kigurumi page
Aug.1, 2014
Added Shokaku photos to kigurumi page
Jul.26, 2014
Opened Kawagoe sightseeing in Yukata report page
Jul.20, 2014
Flash report of Kawagoe sightseeing in Yukata -> Toki no kane (bell of the time) The building built in 1918 was still used as a bank. The longest dried wheat gluten snack
Jul.18, 2014
Opened 2014/7/5 Yokosuka Naval District 4 page.
Jul.12, 2014
Opened Visiting Evangelion pilgrimage page.
Jul.6, 2014
Shokaku and Zuikaku attended Kantai collection event Yokosuka Naval District 4. flash photos -> entrance of the site Japanese morning glory with repairing bucket
Jul.3, 2014
Opened Trying on a Yukata report page.
Jun.29, 2014
Opened 2014/5/4 Yokohama Kawaii Park report page.
Jun.22, 2014
Opened 2014/4/26 Niconico Chokaigi3 report page.
Jun.18, 2014
Visiting Evangelion pilgrimage flash report -> Evangelion Bus Seeing Futakoyama from Hakone pass Rei Ayanami Vending machine at Vacation cottage for rent Sun Terrace Hakone Evangelion classroom at Seisa Hakone campus
Jun.8, 2014
Opened 2014/5/3 Yokohama Kawaii Park report page.
May.31, 2014
Opened 2014/4/5 Cosplay event at Yokohama Yamashita park report page.
May.22, 2014
Opened 2014/4/2 Warm Blue Day 2014 report page.
May.17, 2014
Opened 2014/3/15 Hakone Cosplay Festa report page.
May.12, 2014
5/4 Yokohama Kawaii Park flash report -> "I can hear the sea calling out to me." We are shooting. pleasant chat strolling
May.10, 2014
Opened Shokaku went over to HOSOn's house page.
May.5, 2014
Suiginto participated Yokohama Kawaii Parade. flash report -> Suiginto shaked hands with spectators. all cosplay paraders After the parade, they visited Yamashita park. Suiginto in TV news
Apr.30, 2014
Opened 2014/2/23 Lucky * Fes 2 report page.
Apr.27, 2014
2014/4/26 Nico nico cho kaigi(super meeting) flash report -> Miku itasha wearing Japan Air Self-Defense Force pilot suit Large size pop-up Pirate prime minister Abe version
Apr.24, 2014
Opened 2014/2/9 Wonder Festival 2014 winter page.
Apr.18, 2014
Opened 2014/1/12 Festival Walk Soga page.
Apr.13, 2014
Opened 2014/1/4 Ibaraki airport & Kashima railway page.
Apr.10, 2014
Apr.5 Yokohama Yamashita park cosplay event flash report -> Yokohama marine tower flowers in Yamashita park Minato Mirai area in the background cherry blossom viewing with... who??
Apr.4, 2014
World Autism Awareness Day event at Tokyo tower flash report -> Ready for blue cars parade getting to Tokyo tower blue candle service
Mar.31, 2014
Opened 2014/1/3 Poppo no oka photo session page.
Mar.29, 2014
Opened 2014/1/2 Washinomiya shrine new year cosplay page
Mar.20, 2014
Opened 2013/12/31-2014/1/1 year-crossing noodles page
Mar.16, 2014
3/15 Hakone cosplay festa flash report -> I'm back, Rei. Rei and Misato on ricksha in front of EVA shop Hakone yumoto Geisha house precocious cherry blossoms
Mar.12, 2014
Opened Washinomiya shrine year cross event report page.
Mar.8, 2014
Opened Preserved rail cars of Tobu Railway report page.
Mar.5, 2014
Opened Frisode experience at Asakusa report page.
Mar.2, 2014
Shokaku & Zuikaku photo session at HOSOn's house flash report -> Shokaku and Zuikaku sisters Shokaku was broken two shoot with HOSOn tan
Feb.24, 2014
Hiiragi sisters sold their own photo book at Lucky*Fes -> It was taken place at an assembly house near Washinomiya shrine room with tatami flooring Kagami loves Pockey Thank you for your purchase.
Feb.19, 2014
Opened 2013/12/29 Comic Market 85 1st Day report page.
Feb.15, 2014
2014/1/9 Festival Walk Soga cosplay event flash report -> Haku & Kagamiku @ Project DIVA the triangles Hiiragi sisters @ monument lantern festival
Feb.12, 2014
Opened 2013/12/1 Flapa report page.
Feb.9, 2014
New kigurumi girl Shokaku from Kantai collection appeared at Wonder Festival 2014 winter with her sister Zuikaku. flash photos -> Shokaku and Zuikaku appeared. Shokaku got Zuikaku's back. Zuikaku gave Shokaku first aid. Bunches
Started St.Valentine's Day version.
Feb.3, 2014
Opened 2013/11/29 Photo session at Lockheart Castle report page.
Feb.1, 2014
Poppo no oka outdoor photo session flash photos.
Poppo is a baby word that means steam locomotive. Poppo no oka is a park where many retired railway cars are displayed. We did outdoor photo session with Momo, Tsukasa and Tenshi chan during the New Year holidays.
Jan.18, 2014
Most Japanese visited temple or shrine in the new year. Hiiragi sisters and Suiginto did too. New Year's visit to a Wasshinonmiya shrine flash photos -> midinight Dec. 31: Hiiragi sisters morning Jan. 1: Hiiragi sisters morning Jan. 2: Suiginto afternoon Jan. 2: Hiiragi sisters
Jan.14, 2014
Furisode is a kind of kimono with very long sleeves for unmarried women in Japan. Rei, Tsukasa and Rina had a chance to wear it and walk arround Asakusa town.
flash photos -> Rei, Tsukasa and Rina wore Furisode against Tokyo sky tree Hiiragi sisters also tried to wear furisode.
Jan.11, 2014
Joined Comic Market 85. flash photos -> Rei Ayanami in race queen costume 4 kigurumi girls at comiket 85 1st day. vs Pisaro knight from Dragon Quest 4
Jan.1, 2014
A happy new year!! New year greeting from three kigurumi girls wearing Furisode.

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