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Rina and Rei joined summer community festival in Kasumigaura city.
Japanese young girls wear Yukata when they joined such summer festival.

Photo and Support by Dr. Ohkido. thanks a lot!

Rina and Rei in Yukata appeared. They came to Kasumigaura city museum built in imitation of a castle. The festivalwas taken place at the museum and Ayumizaki park. Rei tried bow and arrow. cute pinwheel!
Welcome gate at Ayumizaki park Many stalls lined the each side of the space. There was a stall selling many anime mask. juice stand shooting game stall
It was surprisingly hard to get the prise. Ayumizaki park was on Kasumigaura lake. back shot of Rina and Rei Rei tried to make soap bubbles. under the big willow
with women serving tea to visitors with home base staff of the festival They played with many children as usual. There were many carp in the pond. with Spiderman
water balloon fishing Miku mask and Pikachu mask They tried goldfish scooping. The game finished. They got two goldfishes.

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