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Hiiragi sisters went annual festival named Hajisai as they did last year.
The festival was taken place at Washinomiya shrine and it was a model of their family home in the work.
It had been raining since morning and we were afraid we could not join the festival...

Photo by Shinra, Wappii, MaKO and Tanaka. Thanks a lot.

The rain stopped! Hiiragi sisters were very wellknown characters so many people wanted to take photos with them. Even it was far away fromm the shrine, there were many people. They enjoyed playing with many children. Many photographer took photos of Kagamiand Tsukasa in front of the limestone pillar.
photo shooting with mikoshi portable shrine carriers Local newspaper published an extra about the festival. Jeep decorated with charactors led the mikoshi. The mikoshi was passing. collaboration with a japanese game "Le Fruit de la Grisaia"
They got to a trii gate. They were taken many photos there too. The ground of the shrine was wet by rain. They found wooden votive tablets with their figures. Many cosplayers in Kimono were taken photos infront of main shrine. They met Miho Nishizumi from Girls and Pantzer and Seruga chan.
This T-shirt with Kagami and Tsukasa was given to only carriers of Lukey Star mikoshi. And this festive red rice too. Lukey Star mikoshi was waiting for being carried. MC of Radio Washinomiya waved her hands to Kagami and Tsukasa. with cosplayers of Minami Iwasaki and Tsukasa
They received TV coverage. At last, it cleared up. See you next year!

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