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visitors since Nov.24 1998

Though cosplay events were taken place frequently at Festival Walk Soga which was large mall located in Chiba pref., it was 4 years ago we went there last time.
After a long interval, we visited there on Jan 12, 2014.

Photo by Yamazaki san and Tanaka san.
Kagami and Tsukasa appeared at Festival Walk Soga. They walked around terrace facing the sea. It was eatly time so there were not so many pepole. at seaside in the bush
Lantern walk Soga There were many lantern displayed by visitors. Visitors wrote their wishes on the lantern. Haku and Kagamiku(Kagami in Miku costumr) appeared in time. at seaside terrace
with Miku from Project DIVA Arcade Haku played stuffed animal game machine, and music video game. Haku and Kagamiku at Lantern walk Soga There were many lanterns suspend from a ceiling.
with "Yurukyun" from "Asunaro sanjo" movie Limited express passed. triangle monument full view of Festival Walk Soga. bye for now!

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