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The next day of Ayumi festival, Rei visited Makabe town in Ibaragi pref. the northen part of Tokyo metropolitan area.
Makabe town has 99 national historical buildings and was suitable to stroll around in Yukata.

Photo by Dr. Ookido san.
Rei, are you ready? The stroll started from Makabe Denshokan Museum. with members of Discover Makabe. They did many activities to introduce appeals of the town. Hoshino family's house bulid in the early Meiji period It was used as a shop gallery Wa Kukan selling japanese antique items.
Miwa family's home built in Taisho Era It was used as a shoes shop. Old Makabe post office Now it was used as hub for community activities. Many related items were displayed on the second floor.
"May I help you?" traditional Japanese style storehouse built in Taisho era. It had been used as rice broker. Hashimoto inn had over 100 years of experience. There was a cafe on the ground floor.
Taking a rest with iced coffee They served double strong coffee and extra strong coffee. There were guest room on the second floor. The japanese style room had a nostalgic feel. People in the town welcomed her.
"Gallery Cafe ASOBU" was used old folk house built over 110 years ago. The shop served drinks and light meal. Rei was going to next with pinwheel which the owner of "Gallery Cafe ASOBU" gave her. Gate of Inose family's house. Muramoto brewery
Many kind of sake were brewed here. We could do tasting. Iseya, japanese style inn There were many items which made us feel nostalgic. At last Rei snapped a shot with a volunteer who showed her around.

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