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visitors since Nov.24 1998

We didn't use to ride any attractions when cosplay events were hold at amusement parks because we love to shoot photos or play with visitors more.
I do not why but Rina wanted to ride every attractions as we could when we went to Cosplay GIG Culture Park.

Photo by Yamazaki and Dr.Ookido. Thanks a lot.

Rina and Rei visited Culture Park in Fukushima pref. When they got to the gate of miniture train, it had just departured. Until the train will be back, photo session starts! sitting Rei in front of the flower bed They got on the miniture train. Very cute Miku was sitting behind them!
They tried to ride a roller coaster. Let's go! It run much faster than they had thought. We quite enjoyed it!! chain tower.
"Where shall we go next?" They were waiting in a queue for on the go-cart. "Hop in, Rei." It's funny! Ferris wheel
They saw beautiful country view around the park. Merry go round They were waiting in line for Cycle monorail. Greeting from the sky Miku was waiting for them to take photos.
They would ride "Paratrooper" next. It turned around fast surprisingly. They got Ferris wheel again. with Miku^-^ We are happy to be here!

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