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Nasuka and Rina had a shinto prayer exercises and tried to climb Mt. Tsukuba.

supporters: Yamazaki and MaKO.
Rina and Nasuka were waiting for shinto prayer exercises. They waved their hands to climbers and worshippers through the window. After the prayer exercises, they got good luck charm with their names. Now, let's climb Mt. Tsukuba. First, they rid a cable car and were going to top of Nantaisan peak.
The cable car was ready to go. in the cable car. They got to Tsukuba summit station located under Nantaisan peak. Cloud sea was so beautiful. at the top of the lookout
The route of the climb would reach Nyotaisan station. Japanese dog's tooth violet was indigenous to side of the climb. wagtail stone. The stone had a story about brace of wagtail. japanese toad stone. They shaked the hand of many mountain climber.
We will arrive at Nyotaisan peak soon. The high point with shrine which was seen their background was Nyotaisan peak. They cameto Nyotaisan station. They could not see anything because of dense fog. A group of girls surronded Nasuka and Rina with great interest. They got on the ropeway to Tsutuji-ga-oka station.
They arrived at Tsutsuji-ga-oka station. japanese toad shrine They heard that it would grant them a wish. Another japanese toad shrine was located on a hill. You may seeTsutsuji-ga-oka station over there!
Now, they will retrace their way to Tsukuba shirine. They will ride the ropeway again. There is a gondra is coming! The gondra departed from the station. When they returned Tsukuba summit station, everything was in a fog.
There wasa long line for waiting to ride the cable car. After 40 minutes, they could ride it. They returned to Miyawaki station near Tsukuba shrine. The grounds of a shrine was crowded with climbers and prayers. The word Sazare-ishi (stone made from gathering gravel) was famous in the national anthem of Japan.
There were many children in halloween costume in the shrine. They escorted the children. They had a really good time at Mt. Tsukuba.

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