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Kantai collection fanzine event "Yokosuka Naval District 4" was hold on Jul. 5, 2014 and Shokaku joined it with her sister Zuikaku.

Photo and Support by J&E san. thanks a lot!

It's been ages! They apperaed at Yokosuka city culture hall. The hall served as a venue for "Yokosuka Naval District 4". The event would start an hour later. The staff was prepareing for the event. Shokaku and Zuikaku met some children. They were on the way to the park near by the hall.
dishcloth gourd had a pretty bloom. They came to a central courtyard. There was no one because of drizzle... Morning glory trellis At last the rain stopped. The childen run to Shokaku and Zuikaku and looked happy to see them again.
Haruna Ita-sha They entered into the hall. They run into a cosplayer of repairing bucket they met at latest Wonder Festival. Shokaku and Zuikaku held compass which was a symbol of the game. They went outside again.
They met a group of kindergarten childen. They attended another event hold the at the hall. with a Hibiki cosplayer poster of exhibition of warship models at memorial ship Mikasa An event report from Yokosuka by Shokaku and Zuikaku.

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