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Rei Ayanami joined Comic Market 85 1st Day.
Though it was very cold winter day, the site was filled with excitement by a swarm of anime fans.

Photo by Dr. Ookido, Totetsu san. Thanks a lot!
Rei Ayanami appeared at outdoor cosplay area. There were not so many cosplayers because it was early. On the other hand the exterior stairway was very crowded with visitors. In the beginning, Rei enjoyed the event with Minoriko Aki from Toho project. heart sign
After a while, the number of cosplayer was increased. There was very long waiting line to buy goods at popular booth. And Madoka joined with them. Three kigurumi girls were photographed by many people. Kaede chan from SHUFFLE! joined with them temporarily.
Rei on a shoulder vs Pisaro knight from Dragon Quest 4 with Miku LOL-lots of laugh version with Squid Girl Thus Rei had a very good time.

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