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visitors since Nov.24 1998

One summer day, Rei Ayanami visited a some places in Hakone associated with Evangelion.

Photo by Dr. Ookido.
Rei Ayanami came to Togendai station. The place Shinji met Ryoji Kaji first time. A ropeway gondola left the station. Rei was waiting for something at Togendai bus stop... Evangelion wrapping bus came to the bus stop. On the side of the bus, there were Evangelion charactors in yukata.
Running EVA-02 PRODUCTION MODEL was drawn on the other side of the bus. Next Rei came to Hakone pass roadside station. There was Evangelion designed plug-in station for electronic vehicle. In the shop, there was a vending machine with Rei Ayanami in Yukata. She was buying Evangelion designed canned coffee.
Shinjin and Misato was drawn on the can. Seeing Ashinoko lake and mountains of Hakone And Rei moved to Vacation cottage for rent Sun Terrace Hakone. There was another EVA vending machine. Rei got Hakone map for Evangelion fan. With the ower of the rented bungalow. He said rental for anime fan meeting would be welcome.
The owner said he would take Rei to an interesting place... Seisa Hakone campus.
It was used to be Sengokuhara Junior high school. The school was said that it was the model of the Tokyo 3rd 1st junior highschool.
The reason why we came here was... "Evangelion classroom"
There were many posters of Evangelion in the room. The staff of the school said we could borrow the room for cosplay photoshooting. The scool was surrounded by mountains of Hakone. It's time to leave the school and she finally went to... a convenience store decorated by EVA charactors. Now visiting Evangelion pilgrimage was finished.

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