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Kigurumi girls visited Lockherat Castle to have photo session.
It was built in Scotland originally and moved to Gumma pref.

Photo by Nerikeshi san, Shinra san. Thanks a lot!
Full view of Lockheart Castle.
Really monumental!
Tsukasa, Suiginto, Rina and Kinako (from left side) gathered there. They wore medieval dress suited the castle's atmosphere. First, Suiginto was walking arround with Tsukasa for a while. Princess Diana's Rolls-Royce was displayed.
There were many christmas decorations around the castle. After the two joined Rina and Kinako, they had their picture taken.
Suiginto also had so many her pictures that I really hesitate what to choose.
In the church. Suiginto looked insolently... beautiful stained glass Did Kinako effect a contract with Suiginto? Rina and Suigitno walked down the aisle. why?
Even Suiginto met Rina new, they looked each other buddy-buddy. Suiginto was patted on the head by Rina. with big xmas tree at the entrance of the castle Kigurumi girls got settled in front of the fire. "Rina! What are you doing?"
Suiginto changed into a white wedding dress. And other kigurumi girls did too. on the grand staircase in the castle with a staff of the castle and big stuffed bear. They were back to the dressing room and the session finished.

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