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The last day of kigurumi week started from Comic market 85 Day 1 was photo session at Ibaraki airport and ruins of Kashima railway.

Photo by HAL and Dr. Ookido.
Momo got on her friend's car. Let's go! She arrived at Ibaraki airport with Tsukasa. We could see two F-4 Phantom II jet fighters closely here. This was RF4E Tactical reconnaissance variants. It looked like being ready to take off.
And this was F4EJ figher for Japan Air Self-Defense Force. Seeing from its front, it had a tremendous impact! OK, now we'll leave here. They would visit ruins of Kashima railway which was abandoned in 2007. Here was ruins of Ogawa highschool staion.
The station was surrounded by weeds. Next they visited Momoura station. The posthouse remained in a good condition. Opposite side of the posthouse There was a long platform.
Yagimaki station Rail remained at the crossing. Hama station We could see Kasumigaura lake from the plathome. Kajinashigawa bridge
Ballast remained on the bridge. Kariyadomae station It was almost covered by weeds too. Bridge located near Tomoegawa station There also was ballast on the bridge.
They visited Hot park Hokota. Kiha 601 which was used at Kashima railway was displayed. There also was KR-505. They arrived Hokota terminal. It was used as Bus depot since the railway was taken off. Now, our mission was finshed.

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