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The next day of Washinomiya shrine cross year cosplay event, we joined cosplay event taken place at the same place again.

Photo by Nerikeshi, Yuu, MaKO. Thanks a lot!
This is the first time for Suiginto to visit Washinomiya shrine. She joined the event with Kaede from SUFFLE! Suiginto and Kaede were asked to make photos continuously by many people. Suiginto looked delighted because MC of FM washinomiya recognized her. She was so happy that she threw up a deuce. Very long line of making wishes for new year started from the torii gate.
Suiginto was asked to take photos by many people in the line. They were walking around the grounds of a shrine crowded with visitors. The main shrine. reception of doll mass Many dolls were burned...
Many paper fortunes were fasten to a rope. Miyamae bridge located near Washinomiya shrine. Returning to Ootori chaya, Suiginto found Cure Sunny. Once they were back to the dressing room... They were attracted by octopus dumpling shop.
The shop master welcomed them. In the shop, there were many Lucky * Star goods. They were waiting octopus dumplings. Open wide. They really came back to the dressing room this time.
And Hiiragi sisters appeared same as yesturday. MC of FM washinomiya recognized them as Tsukasa and Kagami immediately. They were surrounded by cameras in front of main Torii gate. Kagami and Tsukasa were looking at something with great interest... They found their own mascots.
The biggest anime magazine was sold. Infinite Stratos was introduced on the magazine. Many kind of Moeshu (sake with label of characters) were sold. fried chicken case with Lucky * Star charactors. Is today Comiket day 5?
The main shrine were crowded by many prayers Many people wanted to shoot pictures with kigurumi girls. They found a wooden votive tablet drawn by Kagami Yoshizumi who was an author of Luckey * Star. The sisters left the shrine... and got to Washinomiya station.
Limited express Ryomo was passing by. Bar "Kinenbi"(anniversary) is famous among Luckey*Star Fan. Luckey * Star portable shrine. "Monzen hanten" chinese restaurant is famous too. See ya!

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