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We had heavy snow the day before Wonder Festival 2014 winter and it was difficult for most participants to get to the site.
Fortunately we could get there as usual, and unveil Shokaku and Zuikaku from Kantai collection.
Shokaku and Zuikaku were personalization of japanese fighting ship in Warld War II.

Photo by Yamazaki, Nerikeshi and J&E. special thanks!
Shokaku, Zuikaku sisters apeared at Wonder Festival! Shokaku's breast protector, arm shield and socks were broken as she was in the game. The outdoor cosplay space was closed because of snow. There was a few kigurumi because many of others could not get the site because the trains were stopped. There were many empty booths in the hall.
Shokaku was protecting her sister Zuikaku. When they made a sortie together, only Shokaku was damaged in real. with repairing bucket The bucket is an item for repair in the game. St. Valentine's Day would be soon.
with Miho Nishizumi from GIRLS & PANZER The number of kigurumi girls in cosplay space was increased gradually. with Kaede who was together with Suiginto at Washinomiya shrine. They moved into exhibition hall and met Ayumi Imaihama. Report from Wonder Festival in heavy snow...

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