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Tachikawa city is located western part of Tokyo metropolitan area and has become popular for Anime and comic.
Tachikawa Anican is annual anime and comic event and Haku joined two years ago.
This time, Rei and Asuka from Evangelion and Kagami and Tsukasa from Lucky Star appeared at the event.

Photo and support: MaKO and Shinku-tan. Thanks a lot.

Rei and Asuka appeared at Tachikawa AniCan main site. They tried to wear uniforms of the Self-Defense Forces. Many nursery school toddlers came to enjoy the event. The dog looked to be very interested in Rei and Asuka. They left the main site once and went to...
Karaoke bar.
We could take photos in a designated room.
They enjoyed to sing songs. Being back to the main site, there were crowded with many people. The Karaoke bar sold octopus dumpling from a stall. They met a little cute Mari!
We could shoot pictures in a theater too. Rei bent herself forward. Takao (from Arpeggio of Blue Steel) Ita-sha on the roof of a department store They were going to back to the dressing room.
Then Hiiragi sisters came on. They met Caren Ortensia from Fate. They stayed main site for a short time. Tsukasa and Kagami walked along a street greeting with many children. Karaoke bar again
What song will you sing? They seemed to be charged up. "I want to eat this..." "I'm watching my weight..." They fed Pocky each other. Tsukasa had too much fun and got tired...
They were back to the main site. Kagami and Tsukasa wore uniform too. Unfortunately, there was no Lucky Star ita-sha. Hiiragi sisters in a theater Seeing horror film, Tsukasa hanged on to Kagami.
They waved their hands to a people in the robby. Hiiragi sisters met another kigurumi girls. They visited Tachikawa Yataimura(food stalls) nostalgic place That's all for today. See ya!

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