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On the way to Washinomiya shrine to join year-crossing cosplay event, Momo visited some preserved rail cars of Tobu Railway.

Photo by Yuu, Yuki Aterazawa. Thanks a lot!
1720 series electric car used for limited express for Nikko was preserved at Iwatsuki castle park. Because of year-end holiday, we could not enter into the car . We could see devices under its floor closely. Momo was walking arround the park. Some children played in the park even it was very cold.
It was got ice on the pond. "You kept watching me even I was far away from you. Are you interested in me?" Iwatsuki city was called as Doll's town because there were many factories since 300 years old ago. Leaving the park, Momo came to a restaurant named "Masterd Seed" Here, 5700 series electric car was used as a restaurant.
Seeing from the entrance Next Momo visited Menuma town pavilion. "Kiha 2002" diesel rail car was displayed. OK, now let's go to Washinomiya!

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