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Feb.24, 2017
Nasuka's junihitoe experience at Ise flash report -> entrance 1/10 scale model of Saiku(a palace for female attendant at Ise Jingu) wearing junihitoe junihitoe from back
Feb.17, 2017
Feb. 12 Choshi ale tasting event with Yuko from Shimotsuke silhouette committee flash report -> Choshi select market tasting Inubo station Inubozaki lighthouse Choshi station
Feb.3, 2017
Opned 2017/2 Kyoto maiko experience report page
Feb.1, 2017
Choshi select market festival flash report -> Lico's stage show mochi pounding Cho-pee with little friends
Jan.22, 2017
Opened last year's 2017/2/19 Yuru-chara vs idols event report page
Jan.20, 2017
Opened last year's 2017/1/2 Washinomiya New year cosplay report page
Jan.14, 2017
Opened last year's 2017/1/1 Choshi New year event report page
Jan.2, 2017
A happy new year!!
Lico's new year event at Choshi flash report -> Kimigahama new year countdown with WHiTE BEACH welcome event at Inubozaki station new year train departing ceremony Iinuma Kannon happy balloon ceremony Chikyu-no-marukumieru-oka observation museum Inubozaki lighthouse

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