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Autism Day (2 April) was established by the United Nations to encourage people to think about autism. An educational event named "Warm Blue Day" is taken place at Tokyo tower every year and Rei joined to help the event last year.
And this year, Rei asked to help the event from the staff and she went to the gathering spot with her friend.

Rei and Tsukasa in blue school uniform threw in the event. Over 10 blue cars were preparing for parade to Tokyo tower. Lamborghini Murcielago with blue mirrored body. Lamborghini Diablo and Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class Range Rover and Ford Focus. Rei and Tsukasa would get on the former.
After they arrived at Tokyo tower, they took photos with the driver. Rei tried to get on a fomula car. It was getting dark. Every visitors were waiting lighting-up holding blue candle. At last Tokyo tower was illuminated with blue light.

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