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2013's last and 2014's first event was Washinomiya shrine cross year cosplay event.
Many japanese visit shrine on New Year's Day early morning to make a wish for happines.

Photo by Yuki Aterazawa. Thanks a lot!
12/31 10pm: Hiiragi sisters appeared at Washinomiya shirine. There were many people near Torii gate even it was midnight. Many food stall on the approach was preparing for open. Once they were going back to the resting room because it was too cold. They appeared again in school uniform.
Even it was very cold, youngsters were lively. 12/31 11:20 p.m. They began to down in a line to make wishes for the new year. 12/31 11:40 p.m. Still they were waiting in a line. Konata joined them. 1/1 0:10 a.m. They finished to pay their respects at main shirine.
There were many stalls selling anime goods near the shrine. They were back to a hotel to take a rest once and reappeared at the shrine in the New Year's Day morning. The line to make wishes for the new year reached to the main Gate!(over 100 meters) The grounds of a shrine were crowded with many worshippers. Many children wanted to take photos with Kagami and Tsukasa.
They found Tetsudo Musume(Railway girls) stall. Thesisters asked to take photos holding figures of Tetsudo Musume. 1/1 10:30 a.m. It's time to back home. We hope we all prosper this year!

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