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Furisode is a kind of kimono only for unmarried women.
It has very long sleeves and colorful pattern.
Kigurumi girls had wanted to wear it and at last they had a chance at Asakusa at the end of 2013.

Photo by Nerikeshi san, Dr.Ookido san. Thanks a lot!
Because it is difficult for most japanese women to wear Furidsode by theirself, dressers helped them get dressed. The dresser tied up Rei's sash. Finally Rei, Rina and Tsukasa finished to wear Furisode. They were going out into Asakusa. The Denpoin street near Sensoji temple were crowded with many sightseers.
Many sightseers wanted to have pictures with kigurumi girls all the time. In front of Japanese traditinal style sliding door. The hall was decorated for new year Kabuki. Rei Ayanami on Asakusa street Tokyo sky tree
With upbeat musician in Mexican costume Being back to the dressing room, they met sightseers from Russia in Geisha kimono. Who are these girls? Hiiragi sisters in Furisode appeared. a private gate of Sensoji temple
Many sightseers took photos of them. photo shooting with foreign sightseers on ricksha. Tsukasa sreeted sigtseers. Taking a rest on the bench They had reary nice experience even in a short time.

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