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visitors since Nov.24 1998

Yamashita park located Yokohama port is very famous and populart among sightseers from home and abroad.
Though we've known cosplay event was hold on occasion, I've had no chance to join it.
So this was the first cosplay event for us taken place there.

Photo by Nerikeshi san. thanks a lot!

Rei Ayanami appeared at Yamashita park. First we started our photo session at hill area of the park. feeling dizzy... water park area The cherry blossoms in the park were in full bloom.
Seeing cherry blossoms from the terrace Rei came to seaside area. on the pier The weather doesn't look very promising... Let's sail in the sea!
You may see something on the mooring chain of Museum ship Hikawamaru... There were many seagulls on the chain at regular intervals. We could enjoy seaing many beautiful flowers. The flowerbed exhibition was hold in the park. Taking a rest on the flowerbed.
Statue of the Girl in the Red Shoes based on famous children's song set in Yokohama taking a rest on the bench... solar clock. It didn't work because the sky was cloudy. sitting at the end of stone stage. Rei met Gokai red from Gokaija.
Rei was asked to try Slacklining. It was very difficult for her to stand on the webbing. Rei was asked to take photos from many visitors as usual. Even she joined cherry-viewing party. It's been delightful!

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