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visitors since Nov.24 1998

On April 26 2014, Haku joined Niconico chokaigi(super meeting) 3rd taken place at Makuhari Messe.
She attended the event last year and had so delightful day that she decided to do next year.
Finally the day arrived!

Photo by Nerikeshi san. thanks a lot!

A supersize signboard welcomed visitors. We could shoot photos outside Makuhari Messe. It was a rare occurrence. A photographer was photographed. She greeted visitors at the entrance about an hour. Now, let's go into the hall.
Haku skipped the line using the priority ticket. Avoiding the crowd, she went to see AH-64D Apache Longbow first. Haku was changing clothes... She wore a pilot suit of Japan Air Self-Defense Force. with American troops stationed in Japan
She also wore an uniform of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force. summer uniform She found herself drawn by CAFFEIN on the entrance gate of Super vocaloid meeting. Sumo wrestlers were preparing for the match. Huge round display was a symbol of Nico nico chokaigi.
Torii gate of Cho nico nico shrine Sound truck with characters of the Liberal Democratic Party Haku was intercepted by a staff and... asked to make a performance on the sound truck. Good job, Haku.
There were many exhibitions about Miku and other vocaloids. Miku motorcycle FamilyMart (japanese convenience store chain) collaborated with Miku. Miku racing car Miku ita-sha
manned research submersible Shinkai 6500 with a staff of Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology rear view of Shinkai 6500 Haku scrabbled on Nico nico car. "give me sake"
Tomoka Ishiyama, a mascot of Keihan Electric Railway Co., Ltd. two shoot with Colossus Titan Haku could not win a part of payload fairing of H-IIB (a japanese expendable launch system) as a prize. The hall was full of visitors. I'm tired...

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