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PoPPo is a baby word that means steam locomotive.
PoPPo no Oka(hill of steam locomotive) is a park where many retired rail cars were displayed.
On Jan. 3, 2014, Momo visited there with Tsukasa and Tenshi chan to have photo session.

Photo by Yamazaki.
Now we came to Poppo no Oka! There were many rail cars displayed. This car was used at Tokyo Metro Marunouchi line. We could get on it. Many Plarail (very famous toy train series in japan) were sold in the car.
Many visitors wrote their impressions about the park on the note. They were interested in a handcar. Let's go! There were three cabooses. In the caboose car
A small locomotibe followed cabooses. This car was used at Chiba Urban Monorail. In the monorail. Old electric car from Choshi Electric Railway Japanese rice cracker was sold in the car.
Isumi Kazusa is a mascot character of Isumi railway. We can eat light meal in Isumi 204 electric car. Kigurumi girls climbed the slope... and found Blue train which was very popular sleeping car. There also were electlic cars whic used to run at Boso peninsula.
Leaving Poppo no oka, they visited Kuniyoshi station to see Kiha 30 diesel car. There was old semaphore displaed. waiting trains near the ceossing Isumi 350 series diesel car passed. Kiha 52, 28 series diesel car.

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