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Rei visited Kawagoe city with Rina in Yukata.
Kawagoe city was called as a little Edo and there were many historical buildings.

Photo by MaKO san and Dora san.
Rei and Rina started to stroll in Kawagoe city under the threatening sky. Kawagoe Chamber of Commerce and Industry building constructed in the 1920s They were waiting for a jinrikisha to become ready. shooting a departing photo It's all done. We're off! See you later!
The jinrikisha was running on Taisho roman dream street. inside Rinkeiji temple grounds Passing Raitama Risona Bank Kawagoe branch. The building was build in 1918. Kura area. Kura is the traditional Japanese storehouses. The ricksha man expalined the origin of the old buildings.
Many sightseers and store staff took photo of the kigurumi girls on the jinrikisha. Toki no Kane (Bell of the time) was the symbol of Kawagoe city. The ricksha man explained Toki no kane was build on the torii gate. Entering into an alley... they got Candy store street.
They returned to Kura area. passing in front of pottery shop Yamawa. It was builed in 1895. It was an hour trip by jinrikisha. pose with the ricksha man Famous japanese-style confection store, Kuradukuri Honpo Kawagoe's famous confection "Beni aka kun", a cake made from sweet potato
They came to Saitama Resona Bank Kawagoe branch again. and pottery shop Yamawa taking a rest on the bench in front of a noodle shop Toki no kane seeing the tower from the back
purifing her hands by water before shrine visit There were many wooden plaques to pray for recovery from eye disease. They offered prayers. Next ley's go to Candy store street. There were many shops selling many kind of sweet treats.
Everything looks so delicious! The longest dried wheat gluten snack in japan was about 95cm long. Rei found her figures in the showcase of a candy store. The retro-looking bus run around the area At last they metKawagoe CLEAR'S
We'll be back!

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