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Rei and Misato visited Hakone Yumoto in a day of early spring.
There were many cherry blossom trees in full bloom.

Photo and support: J&E and Shinku tan. special thanks!
Rei and Misato were walking the souvenir-shop street. They greeted tourists at Hakone Yumoto station. First they visited Evangelion shop as usual. They were going to Hayakawa riverside. Can you see the cherry tree?
The cherry blossoms at the riverside were in full bloom. The petals of this tree fell half to the ground. They were on the way to row of cherry blossom trees. The sign showed the walking path was a dead track. They arrived at the row of cherry blossom trees.
These were many cherry tree along the path. Apparently many firefly would appear in summer. two shoot with Rei on the poster Before Rei and Misato got on ricksha, they asked many visitors to take photos. At last they were ready to go.
Now, Let's go! The ricksha was passing by Eva shop. Yumoto Miban, a rehearsal hall for geisha girls. This noodle shop was very popular with sightseer. Old japanese style inn
Many cosplayers enjoyed photo shooting arround spa resort. Kiunndo tunnel They got at Tamadare fall. Now, let's go back to the station. The ricksha run and run on Route 1.
Before returning to the station, they came by cherry tree lined path again. with the ricksha man. You must be tired. They were going to Tamadare fall by foot again. They got to Tenseien hotel. Tamadare fall was located at the back courtyard of the hotel. Tamadare shrine which was dedicated to the god of the fall.
on the slope behind the shrene Tamadare fall There were many goose playing in the garden. and many Nishikigoi in the pond. Good by,another me.

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