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visitors since Nov.24 1998

Anitama Sai festival was annual anime event taken place at Saitama pref. establish from last year.
Because Saitama pref formed the setting of Lukey Star, Hiiragi sisters were very popular among visitors.

Photo by MaKO Thanks a lot.

We are back!
Anitama festival!!
Luckey Start T-shirt and "Saitamania" special edition of Saitama local newspaper Konata HONDA CR-Z was displayed as last year. They met a movie man. high touch with a staff of hcurry pan-fried noodles stand.
Hiiragi sisters were very popular and many visitors wanted to take photos. cosplay trial booth. They were pretty popular with children too. "Yama no susume" wrapping bus There were many pics of the characters in the bus.
stand pops of characters Finally the sisters met Kagamin! Lukey Ster tapestry carvings of characters from "Onegai teacher" made by chain saw white fox Kon from "Inari konkon Koi Iroha"
"Miyagi Seindai Anime Gran Plix" Kagami cosplayer at Kuki commerce and industry association Washinomiya branch booth. the first-prize winner of All-Japan Senior High School Manga Championship Tournament Tokiwa so made from cardboard Next Kagami and Tsukasa in cheer girl costume appeared!
Cheer girl sisters were popular too! When taking photos with Kagami and tsukasa cosplayer... they were shot a video by TV crew. The sisters welcomed visitors at the entrance. dancing with ita-sha
"Pari pori kun" is a mascot of Soka city which is famous for Japanese cracker. They met Kagami cosplayer again. in front of the main stairs Aoi Yukimura from Yama-no-susume with staffs of Kuki commerce and industry association Washinomiya branch
Menma from Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day Sign board of Tenranzan that forms the setting of Yama-no-susume. Walking up the stairs, they will be back to the dressing room. They changed to uniform again and met Hiiragi sisters cosplayers again. See ya!

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