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The next day of Yokohama Kawaii Parade, Haku went to Yamashita park again because the parader could join Yokohama Kawaii Park for free.

Photo and Support by Yamazaki san. Photo by Tsubasa 283 san. thanks a lot!

Kaede from SHUFFLE!, Yowane Haku and Fujiko Mine from Lupin the 3rd Even there were less people than yesturday, Yamashita park was crowded with sightseers. So they were asked to shoot photos by sightseers all the time. To avoid crowd, they went a hill area of the park. There were many concrete objects.
Haku was sitting on the object. Seeing Haku and Kaede through the hole of the wall Yeah! Sitting on the bench with Kaede Next they went to the garden area.
Many beatiful flowers welcomed them. Azalea was in fulbloom. With Statue of the Girl in the Red Shoes based on famous children's song set in Yokohama sun clock.
It's about 1 pm.
The quaint building in the back was Hotel New Grand.
They came to seaside area. Haku with Osanbashi Pier behind her. They met Akari from Battle Athletes. afterpart of Hikawamaru Many people were getting on the ship because of free admission day.
taking a rest at seaside terrace on a bollard Kigurumi girls were very popular with children. There were many picnickers on the grass. A girl run up to Haku.
with Miku cosplayers. with another Miku. She lead the parade as a staff yesturday. Haku had a nice time at Yamashita park with her firends.

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