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visitors since Nov.24 1998

Flapa! is a cosplay event taken place almost monthly at Gumma Flower Park.
At the beginning December, Suiginto visited there for the first time in about 3 years .

Photo by Shinra san, Yamazaki san and J & E san. Thanks a lot!
Suiginto in Santa dress apeared at Gumma Flower Park. Kagami and Tenshi chan wore Santa dress too. There were many christmas ornaments in the park. Lovely heart ilumination. They wished they could stay until night... mew!
There was a limousine in the park. Come to think of it, Suiginto got a long limousine this summer. Yachiyo san always keeps a smile. From the observation tower, we chan see Mt. Akagi. Each Tenshi chan and Suiginto had a silver hair. Misaki chan joined us.
Though there were not so many visitors, kigurumi girls enjoyed playing with them. And Shimako san in green dress inspired by xmas tree joined. Little children was lively even in the cold. Group photo in front of Choo Choo Train Many soap bubble was made by a machine.
in the rock garden sun in the background Tsukasa and Kagami in school uniform appeared. Mt. Akagi in the background on the observation tower. Hiiragi sisters met Yachi yo san.
in front of the limousine They were taken photos from the observation tower. in the japanese garden. Some autumn leaves remained. See ya!

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