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Rei bought Yukata to wear at Hakone but unfortunately she could not join last event because of heavy rain.
So this was the event she've been waiting for.
In addition, Asuka attend the event together.

Photo by Yamazaki. Thanks a lot.

Rei and Aska left the dressing room. Here we go! They were surrounded by sightseers in no time. escalator at Hakone Yumoto station They came to Eva shop. At last Rei met Rei in Yukata.
Aska joined. They greeted many children. In a steamed bean-jam bun shop a typical scene at Hakone It looked like buildings in a Ghibli movies.
Asuka fixed her Yukata. Yukata is easy to come loose. They came to Tenseien Hotel garden. There were some falls in the garden. full view of the garden sitting a bench in front of a souvenir shop.
On the bus to Hakone Yumoto station Getting of the bus, they would be back to the dressing room once. They changed into school uniform and was ready to go on jinrikisha The jinrikisha ran on route 1. There were many japanese style hot spring inns along Taki dori(fall street).
They were back to Tenseien Hotel. Tamadare shrine This time, they sat on the red bench in uniform. Tamadare fall The jinrikisha ran on Yumoto bridge.
They were taken many photos everywhere by sightseeners. Being back to Ajisai bridge, they shoot with familiar ricksha man. with Mari and Asuka cosplayer Rei and Asuka at Eva store. with Hakone tozan railway
We'll be back soon!

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