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A sale and exhibit for only Luckey * Star fanzine was hold on Feb.23, 2014 at Washinomiya.
Kagami and Tsukasa planned to sell their photobook there.

Photo by Yuki Aterazawa and MaKO. special thanks!
"This way!"
what is there?
This is an assembly house near Washinomiya shrine. In fact, Lucky * Fes 2 was taken place here. This is their booth. And this is their photo book(rightside) and brochure of the event(leftside).
They sold their photobook as their pace because it didn't fly off bookshelves. Kagami looked into a mirror with her figure.(Kagami means mirror in japanese) The photobook was sold bit by bit. Kigurumi girl bought it! At last, they reached sales of 10,000 yen! Thank you for your purchase.

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