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* Neko's valhalla is kigurumi fan site produced by Neko Yumekuri.
* Last update: Mar.10 2018
- opened 2017/2/26 Akiba daisuki matsuri report page.
* Latest flash photos:
Oimachi pop culture festival -> Ita-motorcycle dan-bo Big japan pro wrestling photoshooting with pro wrestler!
- Nasuka Yumekuri started to wark at AKIBALAND TOURS as a tour guide at Akihabara town in Tokyo. Please make a reservation before you will visit Akihabara, then, she or other cute girl will take you to many interesting spots.
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2017/2/26 Akiba Daisuki Matsuri2017/2/19 Yuru-character vs idles event2017/1/2 Washinomiya new year cosplay2017/1/1 Choshi Newyear event2016/12/11 New layers' paradise in Tokyo dome city attractions
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2914/5/3 Yokohama Kawaii ParadeSuiginto's very long limousineHaku and Neru at 2013/7/6 Kawasaki Frontale event2013/4/28 Haku at niconico Chokaigi 22013/4/28 Haku at niconico Chokaigi 2
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