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Dec.28, 2015
opened 2015/11/15 Kurashiki kimono stroll report page
Dec.26, 2015
opened 2015/10/31 Yoko-Cul Festival report page
Yearend greetings
Dec.23, 2015
Xmas special title picture of Shokaku with decorated flight deck
Dec.19, 2015
Opened 2015/10/17 Hakone cosplay festa report page
Dec.7, 2015
2015/12/5 Tatebayashi ita-sha meeting flash report -> Suiginto and her ita-sha Shokaku and Yubari ita-sha Shokaku in santa dress and Ro-500 ita-sha
Dec.5, 2015
Opened 2015/10/3 Sano city library festival report page
Xmas version started. Snowflakes fall down on the screen.
Nov.25, 2015
Opened 2015/9/20 Tokyo Game Show report page
Nov.21, 2015
Nov.21 is Haku's birthday. Many funs gathered to celebrate Haku and Neru whoes birthday was Nov. 1 and took a party! -> Let's start our birthday party! Ren, Meiko and Miku came to celebrate. Haku in DJ booth
Nov.17, 2015
Kurashiki Bikan historical quarter flash report -> riding riverboat and jinrikisha entrance of Ivy Square
Nov.8, 2015
Opened Porsche Macan photo session report page
Nov.3, 2015
Opened Sleeper limited express Cassiopeia photo session report page
Oct.31, 2015
Yoko-cul flash report -> Kigurumi gathering at Mikasa park Rensouhou chan! Ita-sha!
Oct.18, 2015
Hakone cosplay festa flash report -> Rei and Eva mass production model on jinrikisha with Boxappy some ita-sha was displayed
Oct.12, 2015
Opened 2015/9/8 Haji-sai Festival report page.
Oct.4, 2015
Oct. 3 Sano city library festival flash report -> in the library SuperBall scooping coloring booth coloring picture of Nasuka
Sep.27, 2015
Opened 2015/8/9 Asagaya Tanabata Festival report page.
Sep.21, 2015
Shokaku's flash report of 2015/9/20 Tokyo Game Show 2015 -> You may see a long line to enter the hall. Rensouhou(multibarrel gun) chan from Kantai collection Emi chan(AKIBALAND TOURS) worked as a booth girl Gold Lightan from "Golden Warrior Gold Lightan"
Sep.11, 2015
opened 17th anniversary page
Sep.7, 2015
flash report of Hajisai festival at Washinomiya shrine -> First, Shokaku and Zuiho appeared. Lucky Star portable shrine Next Nasuka as a guidle of AKIBALAND TOURS and Nyaruko enjoyed the festival. Lucky Star collarated with "Hatsuru koto naki mirai yori"
Sep.3, 2015
opened 2015/7/26 Wonder Festival 2015 SUMMER report page
Nasuka Yumekuri started to wark at AKIBALAND TOURS as a tour guide at Akihabara town in Tokyo. Please make a reservation before you will visit Akihabara, then, she or other cute girl will take you to many interesting spots.
Aug.29, 2015
opened 2015/7/5 Hiiragi sisters' birthday party report page
Aug.12, 2015
2015/8/9 Asagaya Star (Tanabata) Festival flash report -> the entrance of Asagaya Anime street Tanabata decoration Cosplayers of MT base
Aug.7, 2015
Opened 2015/6/14 Ashikaga Himetama Ita-sha Festival report page
Jul.28, 2015
Shokaku and Zuikaku's Wonder Festival 2015 SUMMER flash report -> Shokaku drew a bowShokaku, Zuiho, Zuikaku Haruna, Zuikaku, Kaga, Shokaku, Akatsuki
Jul.15, 2015
opned 2015/5/23 Hakone cosplay festa report page.
Jul.7, 2015
Hiiragi sisters birthday party flash report -> Washinomiya shrine They wrote their whishes on strips of paper. Miyamairi is taking a baby to a shrine to pray for blessing.
Jul.2, 2015
Opened TOYOTA 86 photo session report page
Jun.27, 2015
Opened 2015/5/4 Yokohama kawaii park report page.
Jun.20, 2015
Opened 2015/5/3 The Yokohama Parade report page.
Jun.16, 2015
Flash photos of Himetama ita-sha festival -> the site of the festival kigurumi gathering supergiant huggy pillow Kan-musu cosplayers
Jun.7, 2015
Opened 2015/4/25 Nico nico chokaigi 2015 report page.
May.28, 2015
Opened 2015/4/4,5 Aki-Fes 2015 spring report page.
May.26, 2015
May. 23 Hakone Cosplay Festa flash report -> Rei in Yukata greeting from jinrikisha flying carp at Tenseien hotel taking a rest
May.16, 2015
opened Apr. 2 warm blue day 2015 report page.
May.10, 2015
opened 2015/3/28,29 Flyer distribution for Aki-Fes 2015 spring report page.
May.4, 2015
The Yokohama Parade flash photos -> preparing to start parading down the street after the parade at Yamashitapark
Apr.26, 2015
Nico nico chokaigi 2015 flash report collaborated with AKIBALAND TOURS and aspop33 Junmai Films -> Cocco from AKIBALAND TOURS and Haku at Japan air line's booth booth of Japan Ground Self-Defense Force American troops stationed in Japan Siren and Zectice from Logres of Swords and Sorcery
Apr.21, 2015
Opened 2015/3/22 Kammuri inari shrine Hatsuuma festival report page.
Apr.18, 2015
Opened 2015/3/21 Aki-Fes 2015 spring 1st day report page.
Apr.15, 2015
Opened 2015/3/15 Hakone Cosplay Festa report page.
Apr.10, 2015
Opened 2015/2/8 Wonder festival 2015 winter report page.
Apr.7, 2015
warm blue day 2015 flash photos -> prepairing for blue car parade parading! the parade was finished
Apr.1, 2015
Opened 2015/1/17 Hakone Cosplay Festa report page.
Mar.30, 2015
Nasuka and Rina went Kammuri Inari Shrine to help Hatsuuma Taisai festival -> bronc parade mochi pounding passing out mochi female attendants
Mar.25, 2015
Nasuka helped pass out fliers of duty free shops in Akihabara -> Takarada musen Sofmap Onoden LAOX
Mar.18, 2015
Mar.15 Hakone Cosplay Festa flash report -> Hakone Yumoto station Kawazu cherry blossoms Jinrikisha run on Route 1
Mar.15, 2015
Opened 2015/1/11 Saitama Super Arena Entertainment Expo report page.
Mar.10, 2015
Opened 2015/1/10 Cool Japan in Saitama Super Arena report page.
Mar.7, 2015
Opened 2015/1/2 Washinomiya Shrine Newyear Cosplay 2nd day report page.
Mar.4, 2015
Opened 2015/1/1 Washinomiya Shrine Newyear Cosplay report page.
Feb.28, 2015
Opened Makabe hina doll festival report page.
Feb.14, 2015
Opened Trying on cheongsam dress at Yokohama chinatown report page.
Feb.10, 2015
Shokaku and Zuikaku in Wonder Festival 2015 winter flash report -> Shokaku & Zuikaku aircraft carriers Hiei Haguro and Naka joined
Feb.7, 2015
Opened 2014/12/20 Chubu international airport Centrair report page.
Jan.30, 2015
Opened 2014/12/28 Comic market 87 report page.
Jan.26, 2015
Opened 2014/11/22 COS*ONE Nagoya civic assembly hall + Tsurumai park report page.
Jan.24, 2015
Opened Rei went over to HOSOn's house report page.
Jan.18, 2015
Rei, Asuka and Misato appeared in Hakone. flash photos -> new type mountain tram "Allegra" Rei and Asuka The jinrikisha run on National Route 1
Jan.13, 2015
Flash photos of Cool Japan in Saitama super arena -> Hiiragi sisters were walking around in the site Kigurumi girls were waiting their turn at the side of the stage. At last they were taken photos with other cosplayers on the stage.
Jan.7, 2015
New Year's visit to Washinomiya shrine flash photos -> kigurumi girls on the New Year's day another kigurumi girls Jan. 2
Jan.1, 2015
A happy new year!!
New year greeting from Nazuka and Rina at Yokohama china town.
flash report of photo session at Yokohama china town -> RIna and Nasuka in short china dress at a set of chinese street they changed their dresses Kitty wearing panda kigurumi

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