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Nasuka and Rina became Shrine maiden at Kammuri inari shrine at Gumma pref. and helped to stage Hatsuuma Taisai festival.

Photo by MaKO
This Shrine maiden costume was not a cosplay but an official one for real Shrine maiden. There were many children preparing Chigogyoretsu (children's parade). ...too many photographers!! There were also many kindergarten pupils of the shrine affiliated kindergarten. Japanese quince was in flower.
Many families took photos in front of the flower. Chigogyoretsu started. Nasuka and Rina attended the parade. Even many boys wanted to take photos with Nasuka and Rina on their way. They put on Chihaya on their shrine maiden costume and held bells. Kigurumi girls started Shinto dance on the stage.
Here is movie of their dance. When they finished dancing, children run up to the stage and took photos. Yoshisada Nitta and Yoshitsune Minamoto were famous warriors in japan. They led chigogyoretsu. On the way to the dressing room, they found a sign board of yummy-looking cream puff! Nasuka helped to pound mochi (rice-cake).
Mochi Momo made were given to worshipers. Kindergarten pupils were prepairing for second round of chigogyoretu. Nasuka and Rina brought up the rear. After chigogyoretsu, they began to walk around the precinct because the festival was almost finished. There were some little shrines in the precinct. Seitengu was one of them.
It was said to bring romance. Misakisha enshrined many spiritual foxes. It was said to have a miraculous efficacy for easy delivery. Shrine maidens sold Ofuda (paper charm) and Omamori (charms or amulets). Worshippers pass through cogon grass ring to pray state of perfect health.
Kindergarten pupils who attended chigogyoretsu changed into uniform. Stairs in wedding center nearby the shrine cream puff tower! At last they got it!
well done!

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