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Tanabata is a kind of star festival and it is held on July 7th sometimes in the lunar calendar.
Asagaya Tanabata Festival is famous for Tanabata decoration of anime characters.

Photo by Yamazaki san and J&E san.
Classrooms of a primary school were used as dressing rooms. Rei and Rina were walking through the shopping avenue. Then they arrived at Asagaya anime street. There were many anime related small shops under the elevated railway tracks. "Anime Za" Baroque Cafe
Minami Momochi's shop collecting series of stamps of shops in the street SHIROBACO was a cafe with event space. Many anime goods were displayed in the shop. souvenir photo with a family
Cosplay rental & support shop "COSMENIA" Cosplayers put their name card on the board for relationship. Leaving from Asagaya anime street, Rei met Asuka! Rei and Rina were going to the shopping arcade with greeting children. They arrived at the entrance of the arcade.
Many large anime character dolls were displayed in the same way as traditional Tanabata decorations. Rei and Rina were surrounded by many people. They decided to leave there because it was too crowded to go through the arcade. Many shops along the street were preparing "Adult hopping". in a real-estate office
Many anime goods were displayed in the shop. We could do the shooting in some shops of the shopping street. The shop staffs were preparing for burger stall. To avoid the crowd of the arcade, Rei and Ria went the next street ahead and joined to the arcade. They returned back to the arcade and met Kitty.
Monokuma from Danganronpa and Hana kappa Rei and Rina greeted children in a short time and leave the arcade. When they returned "Adult hopping", many stall already opened. Cosplayer staffs of Anime and cosplay bar "MT Base" Many Samba dancers were dancing on the street!

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