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visitors since Nov.24 1998

Tokyo Gane Show is one of the largest exhibition about game in japan.
Visitors could play many new games and there were many boothes about game.
And there were many official and amateur cosplayers.

Photo by Gerorine san.
Tokyo Game Show started! There was still a long line for to enter the hall. Outdoor cosplay area was almost empty because it had just opened. When she returned to indoor cosplay area, she was called by a monkey and wanted to take photos with. The monkey was a character of tablet candy.
Shokaku enjoyed high resolution audio at ELECOM booth. What's this? wide lens attachment for selfie Cool ttaff of ELECOM booth COSPATIO is one of the largest cosplay shop in japan.
Will you change into a destroyer?? Yudachi was an official cosplayer of Cospatio booth. heart! Rensoho chan!
It was a mascot of Kantai collection.
Emi chan was a booth girl of V-preca.
Cosplayers could be taken photos by a professional photographer at ELECOM booth. This photo is taken by him. Shindenken was a game maker which my friend NOCHI belong to. Shokaku tried to play the game. Kantai collection cosplayers
Mutsu: Yuga(@xxalicexcatxx) and Nagato:Ayaori(@ayaori_haru)
Haruna:Curettsu(@curettsu) At last of the event, Shokaku found Gold lightan and shake hands.

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