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Rei, Tsukasa and Kagami went to international airport in central Japan.
It was called Centrair as a term of endearment.

Photo by Nerikeshi.
Rei and Tsukasa came to Centrair. It was kind of weird to walk around the departure lounge among many tourists. A large christmas tree was decolated. There were many airplanes waiting departure. Many people watched airplanes on the observation deck.
"Chita-musume" Chita is a name of peninsula where Centrair located. Welcome garden on the ground floor It was glass-walled place and realy bright. Rei is taking a rest They were going to go back to the dressing room.
Kagami in Santa dress appeared instead of Tsukasa and Rei changed into same too. Rei and xmas tree "mystery traveler who" He is a mascot of Centrair. Next, Tsukasa in santa dress appeared on behalf of Rei. Two cute santa looked best in front of xmas tree.
a loving sisters At last they changed into school uniform. They looked like dolls. Many people wanted to do photo shoots with them. I feel tired but had a realy fun time!

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