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Shokaku and Zuikaku went to Wonder Festival 2 times before, but it was bad weather each day.
So they were so happy that they could attend the event under the sunny sky.

Photo by Don, J&E, Kinako, Tanaka, Koma, Kori, Hirokoji, Aoto, MaKO and Satoken.
Shokaku appeared with a shy smile at cosplay area. Needles to say, her little sister Zuikaku came along with her. They had bows, quivers and other all equipments. It was really fun to shoot with other fleet girls.
destroyer Yuudachi
light aircraft carrier Zuiho
battleship Haruna, aircraft carrier Kaga and destroyer Hibiki They too photographed with another kigurumi girls.
Sayori chan.
Sorry, I forgot to hear their names... EVE chan from Seal Online It was a very hot summer day!

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