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Even volcanic activity of Oowakudani which was a part of Hakone was reported every day, Hakone Yumoto was far away from the volcanic vent and safe.
Rei went Hakone Yumoto to warm up the town.

Photos by Kori san and H.N san
Rei found herself and Asuka on the signboard of the cosplay event. She came to Hakone Yumoto alone this time. Rei started strolling hot spring town. old japanese style inn souvenir shops street
Two Rei in Yukata at Eva shop There was a signboard of Mari, Rei, Shinji, Asuka and Kaoru in Yukata in the shop. Seeing Route 1 from pedestrian deck platform of Hakone Yumoto station with characteristic roof Many souvenir shops had posters of Eva charactors.
The shop staff handed out free-sample of manju (a bun stuffed with azuki-bean paste). And she did Chinese lemon drink too. Rei met Akari chan at souvenir shops street. Ajisai (hydrangea) bridge had red parapet. a shoot from under the bridge
She felt breeze on the river. Usual ricksha man was ready to go! Rei was surrounded by tourists. There were waiting line to enter fanous soba noodle shop. Colorful carp banners were displayed on the bridge.
The jinrikisha went into the garden of Tenseien Hotel. It was the first time to take a shot at Tamadare fall on the jinrikisha. At the entrance of Tenseien Hotel Rei met Akari chan again. The jinrikisha stopped in front of Eva shop.
!!?? ...what's happening?? The jinrikisha sightseeing finished. How about one for souvenir? "I'll go back to NERV headquarters by this bus. bye!"

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