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Shokaku and Zuikaku were attached many parts to their body to attend Wonder Festival 2015 winter.

Photo by Goma, J&E, Masaya, NOCHI, Koma, Don, Liqueur and Aikawa.
Shokaku and Zuikaku appeared at outdoor cosplay area. Parts of legs, bow and quiver were added to their outfits. Cure Lovely and Honey joined Fifth Carrier Division? They entered in to the hall because of the hard rain outside. They met Kaga and Akagi from First Carrier Division.
4 carriers was shooting arrows. Haguro, Hiei and Naka joined with them. Including Nagato, Kongo, Haruna and Akatsuki, 11 Fleet Girls gathered finally. flight decks with Mayu.
Every accompaniment ships, you've been working hard.

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