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Shokaku visited to Washinomiya shrine the 2nd day of Washinomiya Shrine Newyear Cosplay with her companion heavy cruiser Haguro.

Photo by Yamazaki san.
Shokaku appeared at Washinomiya shrine for the second day in succession. Shokaku met Kagamin and did a photo with her and Misaki. Heavy cruiser Haguro joined with Shokaku. There was a scenery from a scene from The Fruit of Grisaia. Here was another one.
They made a wish for luck in battle. Rimi Sakihata from ChaoS;HEAd and Cure Sunny Gorgeous lucky bamboo rakes were sold in the shrine. paper fortunes Characters of Kantai collection were drawn on some wooden plaques.
perspective seeing from the opposite side Shokaku met Akari chan. 5 kigurumi girls were taken by many visitors. on Miyamae bridge
Washinomiya station Bar "Kinenbi"(anniversary) Express Ryomo was passing the station.

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