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visitors since Nov.24 1998

Rei and Asuka visited Hakone Yumoto one early spring day.

Photo by cer
As soon as Rei and Asuka left the dressing room, they were surrounded by many sightseeners. Odakyu Romance Car was stopping at the staion. Hakone Yumoto staion Eva shop Crossing Ajisai bridge, they went to the other side of Hayakawa river.
Kawazu sakura(cherry blossom)was in flower. on the bridge Rei is a poster child of Cool Japan project. Rei and Asuka got on Jinrikisha as they did last time. Usual rickshaw man started to pull the jinrikisha.
Rei and Asuka was photographed by many sightseeners on the way. Rei exchanged a high five with a rider. Yamagaso inn The trail turned to become a precipitous upward slope. Tamadare fall
Ducks with a red ribbon were on the loose without its owner. Tamadare shrine Rei splashed a little... They came back Hakone Yumoto station. Thanks for a job well done!

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