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The Yokohama parade is one of the largest annual costume parade and over 4000 people take part in.
Suigito parted in the parade with Rina last year and she had fantastic experience.
This time, Shokaku and Rina joined the parade with other kigurumi friends.

Photos by MaKO san and Yamazaki san
Kigurumi girls at waiting position for paraders They were photographed with many onlookers until the parade would start. Now, the parade starts! I'm off! Sadako took a big bite like a last year.
Kigurumi girls and cosplayers waved their hands to spectators on the sidelines of Yamashita park street. passing Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse
Shokaku and Rina were going on Bashamichi Ave. passing Isezaki mall They were near the goal. The parade finished! Paraders were going back to Kanagawa Prefectural Civic Hall by bus.
All cosplayers were gathered at Kanagawa Prefectural Civic Hall. "Now we are going to Yamashita park." All kigurumi girls were gathered at seaside. Many children wanted to take photos with them. and many adults did too.
Hikawamaru, a landmark of Yamashita park. Kigurumi girls could not walk freely in the huge tide of people, so they stayed at seaside areaof the park. Now it's time to be back. Good job everybody!

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