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Saitama Super Arena Entertainment Expo was hold on the next day of Cool Japan in Saitama Super Arena at the same plcae.

Photo by HOSOn, Neko kotora, Tsubasa283 and Port.
Even Lucky*Star was set on Saitama pref., Tsukasa and Kagami promoted food of Gumma pref. Mutsumi joined kigurumi girls team today. They got interviewed for TV. Hiiragi sisters walked around the site with a board of Gumma food. Tsukasa met a character and held each other.
When program of Shuffle CHAOS started, kigurumi girls appeared on the stage. Hiiragi sisters danced "Monster's exercise" from Youkai watch with cosplayers. dancing Kagami dancing Tsukasa They finished it and exited from the stage.
The movie is here.
All performers were in line on the stage. Suddenly, everyone started to play paper scissors stone to win a prize. Everybody gets off! It's time to shoot photos. All performers followed a guide of Akiba land tours and exited from the stage.
Hiiragi sisters said Good-bye to the audience. Tsukasa and Kagami felt like a fashon model. taking a commemorative photo with all performers at the back lot. Kigurumi girls did photo shoots with Kyanansi and Tukuyomikagurakonotouya who danced with Hiiragi sisters. Good job, again!

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