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Ashikaga Himetama Ita-sha Festival is one of the larget ita-sha event in japan.
And it is known for the event many kigurumi girls appear every time.

Photos by Panda, Yu Watanabe and Mint
The festival was taken place at the dry riverbed of Watarase Riv. It's not too much to say that she came to only meet this car. She found her trademark here. It looks so cute! Shokaku met Haruna Haruna forgot to take her antenna...
Don't mind.
They found Kaga ita sha. She was Shokaku's one of seniors. Kaga said do not treat me the same way as aircraft carriers belonging to Fifth Carrier Division. Naka chan could not bear to be parted from her mic. Haguro joined Shokaku and Haruna. They started patroling the event site together. They found gigantic body pillow!
Is this really body pillow...?
Ayumi chan and Mai chan were advertising their booth. Haruna and admiral cosplayers returning to Shokaku ita-truck They arrived at Haguro ita-sha. The fleet was finished and Shokaku started patroling alone. Naka chan ita-sha
The battleship was made of LEGO. She met kigurumi E-tan. *ainon* who was a voice actress of E-tan wore E-tan costume. Ashikaga shaomai food stall Musashi and Shigure
Akagi and Kongo Shokaku met very cute Kaga and Akagi. She shaked hands with The Creativewarrior Tochieiter. Furutaka and Aoba Shimako Todo and Noriko Nijo from Maria sama ga miteru
Nyaruko and two mascot girls of Tobu railway, Nana Himemiya and Shia Kasukabe Ayaka chan Ayano Sugiura from Yuru-yuri Danboo from Yotsubato group photo of kigurumi girls

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