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Though she had joined Nico nico chokaigi as one of cosplayers, a reporter was her task this time.
She reported the event with Cocco from AKIBALAND TOURS in some movies of aspop33 Junmai Films.
Here were movies Haku reported!
interview with famous Otagei performer
Haku was transformed into a flight attendant at Japan Airline's booth
Japan Self-Defense Forces and ita-sha!

Special thanks to AKIBALAND TOURS staff and Junmai from aspop33 Junmai Films
Haku and Cocco with cosplayers in front of big nico nico chokaigi signboard Many children also came to the event. Now they were going to report variety of boothes. Haku and Cocco descended stairs on an aircraft passenger stair truck. They came to Japan Airline's booth and tried to sit on economy class seat.
business class seat They sat on the first class seat and received an explanation from a flight attendant. Haku was worn a flight attendant uniform by a working pilot. Cocco wore it too! soldiers of US Forces, Japan
Kabe don - soldiers wanted to make a friend of Haku... Japan Air Self-Defense Force booth. Japan Ground Self-Defense Force booth. Kabe don again... Haku and Cocco were forced to go on the stage of Sengoku enbu suddenly.
Haku and Cocco danced ota-gei with Sailor granpa and other performers in a blind way... Sailor granpa and famous ota-gei performer Domu Narita You could become to be figure dolls! Everyone could transform into Ricca chan with wigs and accessories. Figure of DETECTIVE CONAN made from sand was displayed at Tottori pref. booth where was hometown of the author.
Emi chan acted as an official cosplayer of Seiren from Logres of Swords and Sorcery. vocaloid Lily and her ita-sha Megu and her ita-sha Miku and her motercycle Haku posed as Miku.
Miku and Rin cosplayers Real scale INGRAM from Mobile Police PATLABOR Pepper took our photo by his iphone! Nico nico television chan is a mascot of nico nico movie. OK, all report done. I'm so tired!

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