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Apr. 4 and 5 were the days of Aki-Fes (Akihabara Festival) 2015 spring.
People who did some shopping at Duty free shops held a lottery at Belle sall Akihabara.
Nasuka and Yuma passed out fliers of this event to shoppers as they did.

Let's start handing out fliers with Yuma chan! And Mitsuba chan did in front of Takarada musen shop too. Next shop was Sofmap. They left Sofmap and were going to Belle sall Akihabara. Amina chan was one of guidles (guide + idle) of AKIBALAND TOURS.
A power-assisted bicycle decorated to promote Akihabara October Fest was displayed. Nasuka and Yuma were taken to a half hour ride around Akihabara. with the driver
good job!!
They restart passing out fliers competing with other girls. Before leaving Belle Sall Akihabara, girls from AKIBALAND TOURS gathered!
They went to Onoden and Laox. The first day of Aki-Fes finished! At last, the last day of flyer distribution in Akihabara started. It was a pity it was raining. So they went Belle Sall Akihabara after Takarada Musen.
There were many people there despite the rain. The lottery booth was operated by guidles from AKIBALAND TOURS. Asoc. Prof. Umemoto got a meal ticket!
Kanda fire department officers and its mascot Yokumi Kanda. Now, all job finished!!

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