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visitors since Nov.24 1998

Makabe hina doll festival is one of the largest one in japan.
Over 200 shops and ordinary houses displayed hina dolls and many visitors come to see them.

Photo by Shinra and Dr. Ookido. thnaks a lot!
Nasuka and Rina were worn Hakama type kimono by dressers. They were beautifully coiffed. They leave the dressing room. There were many visitors. Many children came to see Hina doll. They asked to get pictures frequently on the way.
Iseya Inn was built about 100 years ago and still in business. Doll festival is traditional festival for girls, so there were many girls watchin hina dolls. They met Hanasaka Jiisan from japanese old tale "The Story of the Old Man Who Made Withered Trees to Blossom" Ishiosan(@ishikumisegura) at Ishiku no Misegura. They offered prayers at Atago shrine.
They came to sake brewery Nishioka Honten. There were flowers and vegetation in a old rice granary and hina doll was displayed in the back. Hina dolls were also displayed in vegetation. Hina dolls and Toro, traditional lanterns made of stone. The staff of the brewery and sake made there
Scrumptious baked sweet potato was sold near Makabe highschool. Hina doll of Ooyoshiya kimono shop Hanging hina doll is another way to display one. 50 year old hida doll displayed at Uoki shoten. Many items related with hina festival were sold in the shop.
Not only shops but many ordinary houses displayed hina dolls. The center of the town was pedestrian precinct area. The post-office clerk sold special stamp of Makabe hina festival. The schoolgirls seemed Rina and Nasuka were characters of the post office. former Makabe post office
Kiyo-chan was a poster girl of "Kiyo-chan dumpling shop". Makabe is also famous for dumpling. Furukawa Inn displayed hina dolls on upstairs window. Rina and Nasuka were invited inside the inn. The staff asked them to wave hands to visitors. These peculiar hina dolls were homemade by Barber Hososhima. hina cat doll!
Playful hina dolls at Makabe Hana-saki shachu were dancing, singing and drinking! Fukureminyan is a mascot of red peppers with dry Fukure orange. Hina dolls were displayed on the stairs of Hashimoto inn. entrance of Hashimoto inn mirthful hina dolls displayed at Gallery Cafe ASOBU
Curry dumpling was served at "Mingei no sato - Ikki". Master of Ebisawa photo studio was selling cotton candy. Praying place for Emperor Jinmu who was the first emperor of Japan and lived about 2600 years ago. Hina dolls on a float at Makabe Denshokan Museum We really thank all people who met in Makabe town.

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