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July 7 is a birthday of Tsukasa and Kagami.
Their bithday party was hold at Washinomiya town where was the model of their home town in the works.

Photos by J & E and MaKO
Tsukasa and Kagami appeared at former Washinomiya town hall. They were going to Washinomiya shrine through the shopping street. limestone pillar standing at the entrance of shirine area Large tapestry of formally-dressed sisters for the party was hung at Otori Chaya. Torii gate of the shrine
cogon grass ring to pray state of perfect health Tsukasa and Kagami met parents taking their baby toa shrine to pray for blessing. ringing bells for worship The portable shrine named "Sen-gan(3750Kg) Mikoshi" was displayed. Leaving quiet shrine, they were going to the bithday event.
Figures of Tsukasa and Kagami collaborated with Kantai collection. Kagami wore Kaga's costume and Tsukasa did Haguro's. What's wrong with these pictures of landscape in Washinomiya town? It was very difficult for everyone to find differences between pictures and real landscape. Tsukasa and Kagami went the places of pictures to find the answers. I found it!
They could find all differences at last. Tying strip of papers with wishes to arrow bamboo is traditional event of Vega Festival. What are their wishes? They came to octopus dumpling shop near the shrine. Kagami took a snap of Hiiragi sisters and Akira Kogami.
In the shop, there were many cosplayers of Lucky Star characters. delicious octopus dumpling Hiiragi sisters watched their own animation. When they left the shop, it was raining. Kagami and Tsukasa with umbrellas looked also cute.
There was a talk show of voice actresses of Tsukasa and Akira. They could get tickets for the show fortunately. After the show, they watched ita-sha. When they took a shot with ita-sha... Many cosplayers came together.
See you, next time!

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