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Rina and Nasuka went to chinatown in Yokohama to wear cheongsam dress.
We could try to wear various cheongsam dress at Egao henshin shashinlkan and walk around in Yokohama Dai Sekai park.

Photo by Dora.
Chinatown was crowded with many shoppers and tourists. Entrance of Yokohama Dai Sekai They were going to enter Tric art museum. Someone help me! I'm never heavier than a elephant...
Can I beat the dinosaur? aiiieee!! Like a Maurice Cornelis Escher's work They could not believe she was a picture. Nasuka tried to get on glass slippers.
pouring milk through her hands I got my wing! Why I cannot go any more?? I can see natural image on the cylinder. You cannot eat me!
Revolving lights made them so dizzy that they could not stand. OOPs!! Rina is taller than Nasuka. ?! Nasuka becomes to be taller than Rina??
Leaving Trick art museum, they came to another floor of Yokohama Dai Sekai. off street of chinatown There were many Chinese lanterns. Nasuka had her palm read. Nasuka changed into long cheongsam dress.
Rina did too. Chinatown was still crowded with many people. Kitty in Panda kigurumi was displayed at the entrance. Street in the chinatown The last kigurumi activity in 2014 was finished like this.

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