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Rei, Asuka and Misato gathered at Hakone first time.

Photo by J&E, Hayate.
Rei, Asuka and Misato was going down on the escalator. Hakone Yumoto station. Many tourist took pictures of them there. Hakone Tozan Tetsudo(mountain tram) "Bernina" "Allegra" followed. They snapped shots with many tourists as usual.
They went to EVA store, and descended stairs to the Hayakawa riverside. They felt cold on the riverside. Rei and Asuka lounged against the bridge column. A wintry wind was strong.
Rei and Asuka got on jinrikisha as always. Same rickshaw man pulled the jinrikisha. Tamadare shrine Tamadare fall It was too cold to walk around the town, so they went back to dressing room.

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